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Computational Fluid Dynamics FAQs – Part 1

, Senior Vice President – Solver products

Here’s a video post from my colleague, Dr. Farzin Shakib, where he discusses the differences between finite element-based and finite volume-based CFD solvers and explains why FE-based solvers are more accurate.

3 Responses to Computational Fluid Dynamics FAQs – Part 1
  1. [...] Dr. Farzin Shakib talks about why finite element based solvers are more accurate and about conservation in issues FE-based solvers in these two [...]

  2. avatar marypop7 says:

    Can you give commercial examples of FE-based solvers that will be superior to finite volume-based solvers?

  3. avatar Christel says:

    Great choice of subject computational fluid dynamics.
    Your submit Computational Fluid Dynamics | Altair Corporate Blog has
    inspired me sufficiently to want to publish more myself. Thanks!

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