Our vision is to radically change the way organizations design products and make decisions. We advance technology and combine it with creative teams in a culture that embraces exploration. We rethink the conventional paradigms of design & validate, style & engineer, and build & fix. In this blog we'll explore how our customers use our technology to innovate, track simulation trends and meet some of the people that develop HyperWorks and PBS or deliver projects for Product Design.

  • Antoine Poussier, Vice President - Global Partner Programs

    Years at Altair: 11

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    Antoine Poussier joined Altair in 2002, and is currently the VP of Global Partner Programs, responsible for overseeing the activities of the Altair Partner Alliance as well as the Global Field Operations Support group. Antoine previously held sales and marketing management positions in the vehicle manufacturing, consulting, and healthcare industries. He graduated from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce in Paris and holds a Master’s Degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona.

  • Bill Nitzberg, CTO, PBS Works division at Altair

    Years at Altair: 9

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    Dr. Bill Nitzberg is the CTO of PBS Works at Altair Engineering, Inc. With over 25 years in the computer industry, spanning commercial software development to high-performance computing research, Dr. Nitzberg is an internationally recognized expert in parallel and distributed computing. Dr. Nitzberg has served on the board of the Open Grid Forum, he co-architected NASA’s Information Power Grid, edited the MPI-2 I/O standard, and has published numerous papers on distributed shared memory, parallel I/O, PC clustering, job scheduling, and cloud computing. In his spare time, Bill tries to reduce his pack weight for his long-distance hiking trips.

  • Bob Yancey, Executive Director - Global Aerospace

    Years at Altair: 12

    Specialty: Aerospace Business Development

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    I vividly remember watching the Apollo moon landing as a young boy and then the first Shuttle landing as a High School student and those 2 events inspired me to go into the Aerospace field. I received my Aero/Astro degree from MIT and decided to focus my graduate education on composite materials and mechanics. I spent many years working on-site at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. What I enjoy most is making connections between technology, people, and solutions. In my current role, I get to meet many individuals throughout the world involved in the Aerospace industry and it is exciting for me to learn of their successes and challenges and connect them with solutions that can help them design the Aerospace systems of the future.

  • Dan Stephenson, Manager, Product Specialization

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    Years at Altair: 5

    Dan Stephenson joined Altair Engineering, Inc. as a PBS Professional Support Engineer. As Altair began to extend the PBS Professional suite with enterprise web applications, Dan soon moved into a Product Specialist role, eventually receiving Product Management responsibilities over Compute Manager, PBS Analytics and other applications. Dan has worked closely with new and existing customers to promote Altair’s web-based solutions in the enterprise.

  • Dario Dorella, Manager, Product Specialization

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    Dario Dorella joined Altair PBS Works product management team moving from his previous responsibilities as product specialist and second level support resource. Over its 10+ years in the field he worked with customers operating in different domains and ranging from small shops to large enterprises to deploy, customize and deliver to end users computing solutions based on the Altair software offering.

  • Dave Mason, Vice President, Global Automotive

    Years at Altair: 18

    Specialty: Automotive

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    David Mason, a veteran Altair executive who joined the company in 1994, is responsible for the automotive vertical in Altair’s Global Markets Team. This team is responsible for business strategy and development along with the sharing of best practices (software and services) both internally and externally in key global markets. Prior to his current position, Mason was the Managing Director of Altair’s United Kingdom office. His experience at Altair includes leadership roles in consulting, software product management, and sales. During his time with Altair he has led project teams in diverse disciplines including the development of vehicle systems, CAE, vehicle build and test projects, test data analysis, and custom software development. A large part of his career has been involved with helping organizations adopt and implement simulation led design processes. Before joining Altair in 1994, Mason worked as a product engineer at General Motors Corporation. He holds master’s degrees from The University of Michigan in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

  • Dave Simon, President of TOGGLED

    Years at Altair: 14

    Specialty: Engineering

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    A career that has allowed me to work with analytical methods, advanced design, tooling, product development, research and manufacturing is best described by the term engineering, a word that has lost none of its thrill for me. I am a lifelong Michigander and privileged (with thanks to my bride of 25 years) to spend a lot of my free time sailing and windsurfing on the Great Lakes. Our three children are young adults and as we watch them make life decisions it is interesting to see how often economic and environmental sustainability are aligned. Really good design tends to quietly accomplish things for consumers without making things miserable for other people. Perhaps as engineers we will have truly succeeded at “green” when it is expected and not noticed by the world at large, in much the same way that the global marketplace simply expects things to be safe, affordable and perform well.

  • Detlef Schneider, Senior Vice President – Solver products

    Years at Altair: 14

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    Since high end technology has fascinated me since the early days, I decided to get my degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Even though simulation technology was not part of the curriculum at that time, somehow most of the work I did during studies was linked with numerical simulation in different fields. Right after I received my degree, I joined a tiny company called Altair in 1997. I started to support our optimization technology and grew with Altair in various support and sales roles. In August 2011, I moved with my family to the beautiful city of Irvine, California, and took on a new challenge within Altair on the solver development side. I am excited to take our leading edge simulation technology to the next level and ensure that we continue to be a market leader in CAE.

  • Piush Patel, Vice President, Global Partner Programs

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    Piush Patel is the VP of Global Partner Programs for Altair with responsibilities for overseeing all of the PBS Works global partner relationships and channel sales. With over 20 years experience in the computer industry, Piush previously worked as a chip designer for IBM, managed the technical and business relationships with IBM’s and Dell’s suppliers, helped drive technology strategy for Dell as part of the CTO’s office, and played a key role in the launch of a VC funded startup. Piush holds a MS degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University in New York and a MBA from the McCombs School of Business in Austin Texas.

  • Royston Jones, President, Altair ProductDesign

    Years at Altair: 13

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    My name is Royston Jones and I have been at Altair thirteen years. I was born in the green valleys of North Wales and eventually left my village for the bright lights of South Wales; Swansea University. It was there I was eventually persuaded to help the English with their engineering and left the principality. It’s been a great thrill seeing my passion, engineering simulation, gradually increase its impact on the design process. However, a bigger thrill has been seeing Manchester United dominate English football for two decades. I enjoy seeing my boys grow up and I am excited about how engineering simulation has become a key technology in creating highly engineered; Green products.

  • Sam Goosen, Manager, Product Specialization

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    Sam Goosen is the Product Manager / Specialist for PBS Professional at Altair Engineering. Sam started out with Altair 7+ years ago in the PBS Professional support organization. Currently his responsibilities include integrating the needs of PBS customers both current and future into the PBS Professional WLM as well as acting as a global support resource. Prior to Altair, Sam worked for SGI as a member of the IRIX Global Product Support (GPS) team.

  • Scott Suchyta, Director of Partner Solutions and Integration

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    Scott Suchyta is the Director of Partner Solutions and Integration at Altair Engineering, Inc. He is responsible for managing the technical relationships with Altair PBS Works division’s hardware and software partners. Scott supports partners’ pre/post-sales engagements, helps resolve technical issues, ensures roadmap alignment, and participates in technical marketing activities. Additionally, he identifies and drives integration opportunities with partners’ products that result in differentiated joint solutions. Scott is a >10 year veteran at Altair having previous worked as the PBS Works product manager responsible for PBS Professional, PBS Application Services, and PBS Portal products. Scott started his career in Altair's PBS Works division as an application engineer implementing custom solutions using PBS Professional.

  • Tony Norton, Vice President, Marketing at solidThinking

    Years at Altair: 15

    Specialty: Design and optimization

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    I grew up in England, but for the past 12 years I’ve lived in Michigan. I’ve always loved cars, and talking about them, which is great because I now get to do that for a living. My job allows me to interact with engineers across the world at the established OEMs, emerging manufacturers and throughout the supply base. Despite (and maybe to some extent because of) all of the recent turmoil, the automotive industry is as fascinating as ever and continues to apply more technology to keep passengers safe, the planet sustainable and deliver improved performance in multiple attributes. I used to race cars in my spare time, but now I spend most of my time away from work just trying keep up with my kids!