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Improving Aircraft Seating

, Executive Director - Global Aerospace

In September I spoke in Seattle, Wash., at the High Performance Composites in Aircraft Interiors Conference, sponsored by CompositesWorld.  It was an excellent conference, with representatives from the OEMs and suppliers from the interiors, seating, component and materials industries.  My presentation focused on Altair’s efforts in the design of aircraft seating to reduce weight and insure safety.  You can read a short summary of my talk in High Performance Composites.  You can also view my presentation on the Altair HyperWorks website.


Driving Design towards a lighter solution Read More




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Category: Aerospace

Composites Grow

, Executive Director - Global Aerospace

Composite use continues to grow in the aerospace field.  My recent article in Aerospace
Manufacturing and Design
  discusses some of the benefits and challenges with the use of composites and notes that simulation will continue to play a critical role in the growth and acceptance of composites in aerospace as well as other industries.  Here’s a preview of what you’ll read in AM&D: Read More

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