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Recently, the team and I spoke with Digital Manufacturing Report to discuss the ways manufacturers’ growing reliance on CAE is challenging the industry to continue to evolve its software offerings. Driving factors like innovations in HPC and cloud technology are paving the way for technology advancements that enable manufacturers to solve more complex problems and deliver better usability across the enterprise. We discussed how the recent release of HyperWorks 12.0 addresses this evolution in “Altair Takes HyperWorks to the Cloud.”

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This post was taken from Altair Enlighten and contributed by my colleague, Lars Fredriksson, Director at Altair ProductDesign, Germany.

Back in January 2012, Altair entered into a partnership with advanced materials specialists, Caterham Composites, to improve each other’s knowledge on the design, simulation and manufacture of composite materials. We even wrote a press release about it explaining how the two companies planned to work together.

Here in Germany, we’ve seen more and more industries looking into composite materials as they seek to take advantage of its inherent weight advantages and impressive strength characteristics. However, the materials bring with them an extra layer of design complexity that can cause problems for manufacturers hoping to simply swap out their current metallic components for lightweight composite alternatives, often referred to as a ‘black metal’ solution.

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Safety Fast

, Vice President, Marketing at solidThinking

An old MG advertising slogan that dates back around 80 years, “Safety Fast,” can very well be applied to the work that Advanced Design Engineering Systems Solutions AG (ADESS) has performed for another storied British sports car marque, LOTUS. ADESS used Altair’s HyperWorks Suite in the development of the LMP2 LOTUS T128 car, primarily to perform virtual crash tests of the front structure. Read More




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Where I Would Like to See More CAE Usage

, Senior Vice President – Solver products

My colleague Narayan Rangarajan, Altair Engineering team leader, has contributed the following post:

Today, computer-aided engineering (CAE) has enabled high-end research in Crash, NVH, Durability and Optimization of many different industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer products and architecture, among others.

While yes, many if not all of these are essential in at least some shape or form, are these the most basic of necessities? What about the fundamental human necessities – food, clothing and shelter? Can CAE play a part when it comes to these?

Let’s take a closer look. Read More

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