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LED Lighting

, President of TOGGLED

The LED (light emitting diode) lighting industry, more properly known as the solid-state lighting industry, is at once the subject of intense excitement and impatience. The excitement is valid – provided that it is given just a small dose of patience.

As president of Altair’s ilumisys solid-state lighting subsidiary as well as the Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association I am often asked to speak on the future of the industry. Invariably I end up talking about how the US Department of Energy forecasts for LED efficiency are better that ever, and how the industry has continuously beaten the expected price and performance curves, and yet there seems to be a lot of grumbling that LED lighting somehow hasn’t lived up to expectations. If the expectation was a miracle, then no…but if the expectation was the forecasts for performance made in 2006, then the industry has beaten the socks off their tasks.

The first thing I always do in my talks is knock down some myths. Here are the facts as I see them:
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